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We have seen many people rush into starting up a business with very little forethought and without some careful planning, the results can prove to be costly.

Having spoken to a ‘friend down the pub’ who set up their own business a few years ago, you may feel that you have made enough plans to get your business off the ground but have you considered all the options or the advantages (and disadvantages) of different types of business ‘organisation’.

-  Should you be self employed / are you going to work with others in partnership ?

-  Should you form an incorporated company ?

-  Would it be to your advantage to voluntarily register for VAT ?

-  Are you contemplating having employees ?

-  Do you know how to run your payroll ?

-  Are you going to work in the Construction Industry ?

-  Do you need to be registered under CIS ?

-  Will you be a contractor and what are the implications of IR35 ?

Come and talk to us FIRST (for free) before making your move !