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Let’s face it, book-keeping is not everyone’s favourite past-time and for a large number of business owners, it is in their leisure time when this task is normally undertaken. Why do you need to do any? The back of an envelope was good enough in ‘the old days’ so it should be good enough now! Unfortunately, HM Revenue & Customs doesn’t see things quite like that!

Your ‘books’ are your records by which many things can be established - how much you are owed; how much you owe; how much you should have in the bank; how much profit (or loss!) you have made; support for a loan application; how much tax will be due and so on. Without good ‘books’ there is very little hope of achieving the accuracy demanded by ‘the powers that be’!

Even if we do not act as your tax agent or accountant, you will need books and records upon which your accounts (and Tax Return) can be based. With the Government’s ever increasing desire to collect as much tax as they can via HM Revenue and Customs, the need for those records to be very accurate is more than obvious - but there is also an added need for accuracy with the likelihood of ‘Records Inspections’ being undertaken by HM Revenue & Customs (and punitive fines for failure or inaccuracy!).   

We can provide off-site book-keeping to fit in with your business and your requirements on a regular basis, or even as a one-off assignment. Some of our clients need regular book keeping to be undertaken each week, others once a month and there are those that only need the books to be updated once a year! We can accommodate all flavours!