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Institute of Certified Practising Accountants

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IWA Services Ltd

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Tel: 01253 976168

Email: info@iwaservices.co.uk

The boring bit

This is normally where we would be expected to ‘blow our own trumpet’! OK, so we are going to say that we are brilliant, exceptional and amongst ‘the best’! Of course, we would say that wouldn’t we? So instead of praising ourselves, we say if you want to find out how good we are - why not give us a try?  We will be quite happy to give you references from our client base and let you contact them first hand.

Established in Blackpool but now located in Fleetwood, the company’s client base has over the last few years, expanded and it was soon realised that ‘standard accounting services’ were also required. Therefore additional services are now offered in their own right, rather than as “add on’s”!

Staff numbers are low! The original director, Julie Barrett, has retired and the practice is now directed by Jane West, with other office support as necessary. Specialist support or taxation work is supervised by Ian Watt Accounting Services Ltd whose principal continues to act as ‘mentor’ as and when necessary.

So, contact is more direct - no switchboard or receptionist.

Oh, just in case you were wondering - IWA Services ?

Independent Women’s Administration Services!