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OK, the ‘blurb’ first!

Let’s face it, you’re in business to do what you do best and that often does not include managing your paperwork, be it book keeping, invoicing, or reconciling your bank statements. Everything (hopefully) is thrown into a shoe-box (at least) and you promise yourself that ‘one day’ you will sit down and sort it out! Sadly that ‘one day’ can be very elusive but the demands from HM Revenue & Customs, or letters requesting your business financial details for a variety of reasons, still arrive! And then what?

We have seen and heard it all before. We won’t judge you but we will sort things out quickly and efficiently - and then, in the background, keep you ‘on track’.  We don’t even need to sit in your office - or perhaps you don’t have an office and you work from home. We have options available to us that make working with you a lot less intrusive, and which can make the administrative side of your life a lot easier for you!

The costs can be quite minimal and most certainly economic for you - how much is your time worth? Not only how much do you charge for your working in your business but also what is the value (to you) of your ‘spare time’, your out-of-business hours free time, your evenings, weekends, holidays and, of course most importantly, family and leisure time? This is where we come into our own - we give you the opportunity to enjoy ‘quality time’ away from your business.


Our services include (but are not necessarily restricted to) book keeping, financial administration, management and annual accounts, VAT, payroll, CIS, IR35, property rental accounts, general taxation, HMRC and Companies House compliance for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.

Our general policy is “We come to you”  at agreed mutually convenient times - and the initial meeting or first consultation is free of charge! Also, you won’t contact a faceless name - we pride ourselves in offering a personalised service to our clients.